"Grandma's SuperStars"


This is a great design for Grandma with up to four custom names. It will have "Grandma's Super Stars" at the bottom of the design.

The COLOR 1 color is star 1 which is Red.
The COLOR 2 color is star 2 which is Green.
The COLOR 3 color is star 3 which is Yellow.
The COLOR 4 color is star 4 which is Dark Blue.
The COLOR 5 color is the big star behind "Grandma's" which is Purple.
The COLOR 6 color is the shading around the color 5 star which is Dark Blue.

If you would like to change these colors, please change them in the drop down box below. If you choose you want to keep them as pictured, select "Don't Change".

When entering names, keep in mind Name 1 will correspond with COLOR 1 when putting into the design. For example, if you want "Kyle" to be star 3, you would put Name 3 as Kyle.


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