"Clarence & Cecelia"


Show how much you love your loved one by putting your two names on a shirt! You may put two customized names into the design.

COLOR 1: In this design, the astro symbols are LIGHT BLUE.
COLOR 2: In this design, the shading around the wording is PINK.

You also have the ability to select your astrology sign. Symbol 1 will correspond with Name 1 and Symbol 2 will correspond with Name 2.

For example,

Name 1: Clarence
Name 2: Cecelia
Symbol 1: Aquarius
Symbol 2: Taurus

Clarence will have the aquarius symbol next to his name, whereas Cecelia will have Taurus next to her name.

If you would like to change these colors, please change them using the drop down boxes. If not, leave as "Don't Change."

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